« Poche città ponno vantare la sua veramente incantevole, romantica, deliziosa, e quanto mai amenissima situazione, quale non può esprimersi con poche parole; anche pel ridente e leggiadrissimo promontorio del suo nome celebre, come per la purissima e saluberrima aria, onde fu appellata naturae miraculo e altamente rinomata. » Gaetano Moroni

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"... When I saw the beach and the church in the center with the dome glittering yellow and blue, it seemed all so friendly, all so happy in the brightness of that distant morning, it seemed to be back in a place where I had been and where I immediately belonged to. " Raffaele La Capria.

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Amalfi , you need to ‘live it' to get to know it, but you need yo live it in its ravines, along the alleyways, up the stairs. You need to discover it, because it always has something new to show. The Cathedral, the Emerald Cave, the squares let you only guess  the cultural wealth and economic power of the ancient city that was once a maritime republic. The ceramics cooked in labs, the handmade paper, the lemons grown on the slopes, transpire the passing of an ancient time,  without haste. That's the feeling when you are in Amalfi, to experience true things, the real ones.

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