Visiting Naples means plunging into a scene of extraordinary beauty and complexity: 2,500 years of history represented and reconstructed by artistic and architectural testimonials of great value that, in the urban material, intersect, overlap and offer visitors the chance to build their personal path and a real baggage of knowledge and discoveries.

Every corner of the city contains works of inestimable artistic and historical value. The museums have some of the most important and most valuable collections of works of art and archaeological treasures in the world. Welcome to Naples, city of art magnified by an extraordinary architectural setting and landscape, from its sea of ​​many colours, to the walls of the antique palaces, but also a city with a long culinary tradition.

From the city center daily you can head to either a museum, a street, a square, a monument, or stroll along the largest ancient center of Europe, a true open-air museum, declared a UNESCO heritage site. Palaces, churches, streets, ancient fortresses and castles in the middle of the sea, but also natural caves and places full of mystery and mysticism that make Naples a memorable stop for any traveler.

Not only simple venus, but the landmarks, symbols of this city, integral part of its history, mythologies and legends that cross.

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