Eating well

The food takes in Italy and especially so in the South, a social value. Lunch is not just a meal, it's a ritual, one of the important moments of the day. Family meals are the moments when everybody gets together; on vacation it represents sharing the treatment that is normally reserved to family with friends. Maybe it can be as simple as a plate of pasta with tomato sauce or long complex and sophisticated as the sauce but the pleasure of living intensely this time of day is the same.

Then find the right coffee is a sort of pursuit of perfection. There are the ones that have found the secret in “moka”, which has over thirty years of honorable service, others in the roasting or in the mixture of coffee, others in the water of a particular fountain and those who have all these things together plus some mysterious secret that he will never reveal to anyone. It does not change if coffee is made at home or taken in a bar, it may be a simple coffee but it must be a good one, or rather it must be the best available at that moment.

Understanding the culture of food is difficult and complex, time-consuming learning, trying, great feasts but above all the predisposition to mental a well-being.

The Sorrento peninsula is one of the places with the highest concentration of starred restaurants in the world. The tourist has definitely contributed to the evolution of this excellence, but this result was also possible because of the deep cultural roots of the area and the possibility of using only raw materials.

Being a gourmet in practice is very difficult, because besides the most famous restaurants there are an infinite variety of inns, taverns, pizzerias that could excite even the toughest critics: the tradition and the high quality of raw materials is sometimes expressed at their best in simple traditional dishes or in pasta shops that here are all exclusively handmade.

One could dwell long on the dishes, wines, products of the earth and the sea, but perhaps the best advice that can be given to understand what the "eating well” means, is to invite you to spend a few days here and try personally the Mediterranean diet.