Italian style does not exist, it cannot be defined at least. Perhaps it only exists abroad, because for me, Italian from birth, it seems difficult to define my old vespa as an example of style. If I have to write about it I would rather try to be precise: there are so many different Italian styles, one for each region and perhaps even one for each town or district. It is obvious to anyone who has ever tried this endeavour that the Milanese aperitif is different from the Venetian or the one from Capri. I am not talking about the Italian kitchen, the art of interpreting life has a gradient that follows the parallels.
So I try to summarise what unites the Italians and their presumed style. I have surprised myself very often discussing food at length : this is typically Italian. We have a food culture although different in every part of Italy. There is the discussion about the coffee ritual in the square or in the bars, friends, family, the desire to live well, the music and dances, festivals and fireworks. And then there is She, the beauty all around us, in the sounds of the coast, in the colours of the sunsets, in the art of the monuments and even on my Vespa. it’s 'intrusive, it makes you feel guilty, forcing you to try to be worthy of Her. Then Capri in the square or Portofino on the pier to empathise with such beauty, you have to try to be beautiful as well. Perhaps the Italian style is only this: the continuous research to try to live up to the hight of everything that surrounds us.